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Your Dream too?

     A number of years ago I had a dream of owning my own business and have my children help along the way. As it turned out the timing was not right for that business at that time. Fast forward many years and my oldest son and I are both at a place where we have an opportunity to help people with Fussy Floors. This journey further proves to me that God's timing is perfect and the future is bright here in Atlanta and beyond (one day).


     Clean floors sounds simple. It is not. Between various fibers and surfaces, complicated chemistry, and all kinds of soil it is a complex field. We've been able to be certified as Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT) by IICRC which we are proud to hold. We continue to say thank you to our mentor, Mr. Ken W., because we know we don't know it all! There is always more to learn.


     Our desire is to positively impact the lives of our neighbors in our community. If we can serve them well then we have a successful business. Fussy Floors is a family owned and operated small business.

Kevin C.


Fussy Floors


     P.S. Don't tell my son but Fussy Floors gives me the perfect "reason" to spend more time with him!

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